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Name: Josh Newton

Age: 29

Location: Yarm, North Yorkshire

Most Memorable moment in Fishing

This must be the Fish North semi-final where myself and Adam Richards both managed to get through to the final. After the final event we both had to rush as we had to be in Ireland for the Fermanagh cup, we ended up fishing with no sleep and went on to win the match with 23kg of hybrids, it was a weekend not to forget.

Favourite style of fishing

I am happy catching fish on all sorts of methods, having been brought up mainly on commercials I have to say as I have got older, I’ve found great enjoyment on natural venues where I feel more watercraft goes into your fishing. It is that anticipation of not knowing what it is going to be when you float goes under every time.

Best Achievement

Qualifying for the Fish North final must be up there and winning the winter silver series at Woodlands lakes with a perfect point score. One of my favourites thugh was a small match on the river where my grandad won and my father also, which I went on to win.

Ambitions in Fishing

To keep competing at the highest level and win a big competition, with the style of fishing I do these days it would either be a big festival in Ireland or the River Fest