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Name: Jof Rogers

Age: 55

Location: Oxford,Oxfordshire

Most Memorable moment in Fishing:

It would have to be on a trip sea fishing. I was on a charter boat out from the Solent, and we were steaming out to a mark and out of nowhere a Dutch submarine surfaced right in front of us. To say we panicked a little is an understatement, it was just like something out of a James Bond Movie.

Favourite style of fishing:

I love nothing more than fishing the pole up and down whilst feeding plenty of bait as I always find that I just can’t keep my hands out of the bait tub.

Best Achievement:

Making the Park dean final on two occasions is top of the list followed by a 3rd and 5th in White Acres festivals as well as various winter league wins.

Ambitions in Fishing:

At the grand old age of 55 I would just like to keep on fishing at the highest level I can and stay fit and healthy. I can then fish even more in my near retirement as that is my ultimate goal, just fish more!