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Name: Danny Myers

Age: 30

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Most Memorable moment in Fishing

I have had a lot of memories from my fishing career both good and bad but this one is memorable for a slightly scary reason. Whilst fishing shallow at the Glebe Fishery and the weather was getting a little bit scary a lightning bolt struck a tree on the far bank. This resulted in my pole getting thrown right behind me and at that point I did consider taking up the javelin.

Favourite style of fishing

I love every style of fishing; it is so difficult to choose one. However, I would say that either caster fishing for roach or skimmers in the middle of winter. Additionally, taking my stick float rod and a pint of maggots, some waders and having a walk down the river for hours on end catching a few grayling (lady of the steam) is just so relaxing and does it for me.

Best Achievement

I have had a few along my career that I was pleased with, especially being offered the opportunity to represent and fish with some brilliant anglers at Frenzee. Still to this day though, the one proud moment was winning the Sheffield’s Lor Mayor’s Cup as a youth. If I could turn back time and do that all again it would be great.

Ambitions in Fishing

It must be those big money finals and qualifying for one, or better still winning one. My main ambition though would be to carry on enjoying the sport I have always loved until I can no longer do it. Just keep calm and carry-on fishing.