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Name: Barry Zimmerman

Age: 46

Location: Middlesbrough, Cleveland

Most Memorable moment in Fishing

Going back to my childhood with my twin brother, we got told of a secret venue in the middle of a farmer’s field when we were around 14 years old. We had been fishing for about three years, with a wicker basket (remember them), a rod and one landing net between us. We found this pond in the middle of a set of trees and thought it could never hold any fish, we went on to catch three tench around 5lb and a bag of silvers.

Favourite style of fishing

Two styles stick out for me for F1 fishing and Carp Fishing. Fishing shallow for F1s feeding a load of maggots or casters and chasing them up and down to build a mega weight and then edge fishing for carp in shallow water, as the anticipation of watching the fish, tail up on your bait waiting for the float to dart under!

Best Achievement

Winning the match overall on the first day of the Pole Fishing Masters at Tunnel Barn Farm and then finishing in the mainframe overall. Then following on in 2020 and fishing 2nd on points overall but 6th on weight after drawing a poor peg on form, on the last day but managing to win the section.

Ambitions in Fishing

Getting to a big-money final like most commercial anglers aim as the buzz from it alone is something to savour, but also to keep improving and adapting to the ever-evolving sport that we all love.