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Name: Adam Richards

Age: 32

Location: Easingwold, North Yorkshire

Most Memorable moment in Fishing

2011 Fishomania final, However, I was not fishing this one but bank running for Shane Atkin. He was a massive underdog in the final but fished brilliantly to win the title that everyone wanted! The excitement sat there at the side of him is something I will never forget! Hopefully, it might slip down the list of memorable moments if I can win one myself.

Favourite style of fishing

Anything that involves being on the bank! If I was forced to pick one style then, probably float fishing for chub in a fast river, there is something about that float running past some trees and then going under with the rod arching over with a big fish on that gets me excited every single time.

Best Achievement

For this one, I would say the Kamasan Match Man of the year. I was only 18 years old at the time and winning that trophy and seeing all the names of previous winners on it was amazing. It was such a great competition, rewarding anglers for consistency across the full season and one that is missed and remembered well by lots of people.

Ambitions in Fishing

My number one ambition would probably be to win a Fishomania Final after feeling the excitement and the buzz when Shane won. It is something I would love to experience from the winner's point of view!